Welcome to Evercare Counseling of North Carolina, Virginia and Florida

Evercare Counseling exists to alleviate the suffering of the mind, body, and spirit that results from stress, anxiety, OCD, and depression. We are passionate about helping you move from a life of fear and doubt towards a life that is full and flourishing. We offer in person therapy in Clemmons, North Carolina and serve clients virtually throughout North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.

You want to be present to your everyday life and the good things that exist in the here and now, but instead you...

  • live in survival mode
  • are distracted by thinking about all the what ifs
  • feel stuck in your head figuring out, problem-solving, and planning
  • worry about something that you might’ve done or said in the past or possibly could do or say in the future
  • put pressure on yourself to be responsible, careful, and certain
  • experience restlessness, mental and physical fatigue, and are unable to relax
  • go to great lengths to get rid of upsetting thoughts and feelings
  • hold yourself to extremely high standards

Imagine living in a way that moves you towards what you love instead of being stuck in a pattern of avoiding what you fear.

When we build our lives around safety, certainty, and security we end up living in survival mode. Survival mode doesn’t leave room for things like connection and pleasure. 

Through our time together you will:

  • understand your anxiety cycle
  • learn new ways of responding to upsetting thoughts and feelings
  • be able to accept and tolerate areas of uncertainty
  • take meaningful risks in pursuit of what matters to you
  • recognize you are stronger and more capable than you currently believe yourself to be
  • increase your psychological flexibility
  • replace criticism with compassion
A mom and her son riding a scooter and laughing and having fun together. Counseling for anxiety and OCD can help you improve your relationships and enable you to experience more pleasure. We offer counseling for anxiety and OCD in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.

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