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Christian Counseling in Virginia

You are aware that you want to take steps to improve your mental and emotional health. But, you also want to know that your spiritual health will be cared for as well. You value psychology and science. But, you also value prayer, scripture, and being in a like-minded community. It’s important for you to receive therapy that values and respects your beliefs. Christian counseling is available to you through Evercare Counseling

A close-up of people holding hands over a bible. Christian counseling in Virginia can offer faith support with mental health. Learn more about online Christian counseling in Virginia by contacting a Christian counselor in Virginia today.You may be firm and at peace with what you believe. Or, you may be going through a season of questioning the foundations of your faith. Regardless, you will receive care and compassion. You will receive current evidence-based Chrisitan counseling to help you manage your anxiety. But, it will be coupled with Christian faith and perspective

Many Christians with anxiety have at one point or another believed the following:

1- Anxiety is something I should be able to handle on my own with prayer and reading my Bible and going to church.

2- I am sinning because I have anxiety.

3- If I go to counseling or take medication for anxiety it means that I’m not trusting God.

4- If anyone knew how much I struggle they would judge me and question my faith. 

5- This is my “thorn in my flesh” and will always be an issue for me.

6- I’m not good enough to lead and serve because of my mental/emotional health.

7- I must’ve done something wrong and God is punishing me. 

A close-up of a person praying with a cross. Christian counseling in Virginia can offer support from the comfort of home. Learn more about Christian anxiety counseling in Virginia or search "Christian counseling near me" today!It hurts to write these lies but it hurts even more so to live with these lies dictating your everyday life. They not only add to your suffering but they prevent you from finding relief. The added doubt and fear that anxiety brings to any situation can be overwhelming. It can become so paralyzing that everything feels threatening and unstable. For Christians who view their faith as central to their life, this doubt and fear can be very unnerving.

What Does God Say About My Anxiety?

Given the incredible number of denominations, differing Christian perspectives, and social media influences it can be hard to know what to do about your anxiety. It can also be difficult to understand how God views you and the anxiety you are dealing with. This is why having like-minded people in your support system is so important. Those who know you personally and who have their own relationship with Jesus Christ can offer support

We were not made to do life alone and we certainly were not made to suffer alone. Throughout the Bible, we see God’s emphasis on community and sharing in one another’s burdens and struggles. We also see in the Bible that we can expect to suffer. But, this does not automatically mean that we are being punished. More important, we witness God, again and again, rescuing and redeeming people from whatever mess they are in. We can see an overarching theme of love and care for His people.

How Will Christian Counseling Help Me? 

In Christian counseling, we will uncover past and current experiences that form the basis of your anxiety. These may have led you to believe some of the lies mentioned above. We will address the negative thought patterns that contribute to your suffering. A Christian counselor will help find new ways to think about yourself and others from a foundation of faith. We will work with your overwhelming emotions and feelings, knowing this is what makes us human. Jesus himself was overcome with emotion at times. 

A cross stands tall in the light of the morning sun. Learn more about Christian counseling in Virginia by contacting a Christian counselor in Virginia. We can intergrate faith and therapy with Christian anxiety counseling in Virginia and other services. Counseling, and Christian counseling, is not a one-size-fits-all method. You and your counselor will work together to structure your therapy in a way that meets your unique needs and faith perspective. Meeting with a Christian counselor will help you address your mental health and emotional needs while also supporting your faith in a way that is meaningful to you.

If you are ready to feel better, you can schedule your appointment online today.

Begin Christian Counseling in Virginia

You deserve support from a counselor that understands the importance faith plays in your mental health journey. The team of caring therapists at Evercare Counseling would be honored to provide support across the state of Virginia. To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:
  1.  Meet with a caring therapist
  2. Start integrating faith and therapy!

Other Services Offered with Evercare Counseling

Christian counseling isn’t the only service offered by Evercare Counseling. Our team is happy to offer support for a variety of mental health concerns. Other services offered include ERP therapy, anxiety therapy, OCD treatment, and online therapy. We also offer depression treatment, therapy for women, and other services. Please read our blog or common questions for more helpful info!